Hexaphos® Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) TG

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Hexaphos® Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) TG is a water-soluble powder known for its sequestering properties. It serves multiple functions, including acting as a buffering agent, chelating agent, and suspension aid in cleaning ingredients. Hexaphos® SHMP TG is used in industrial cleaners and bath bombs, and as a buffering agent in cosmetic applications.

Chemical Name: Polyphosphoric Acids, Sodium Salts, Sodium Hexametaphosphate

CAS Number: 68915-31-1

Chemical Family: Phosphates, Sodium Salts

Grade: Technical Grade

Applicable Processes: Industrial Water Treatment, Water Treatment

Synonyms: (NaPO3)6

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Applications & Uses

Applicable Processes
Bath & Shower Applications
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Use Level
max. 12 mg/L (potable water treatment)
Product Applications
  • Consumer Products: The unique combination of SHMP’s ability to sequester water hardness and its infinite solubility in water makes it a product of choice in applications such as laundry boosters, water conditioners and in bath beads.
  • Industrial Water Treatment: SHMP can be used in continuously recycled industrial water as a softener and to control scale formation in condensers, heat exchangers, pipelines and boilers. SHMP has two particular advantages over the pyro-and tripolyphosphates in industrial water treatment. First, it maintains polyphosphate properties longer in high temperature systems at mildly alkaline pHs. Second, its infinite solubility in water allows very concentrated stock solutions to be prepared.
  • Industrial Cleaning: In the textile industry, SHMP is used to chelate calcium and iron, hence keeping their salts from being redeposited on the surface of the fabric. It also provides good dispersion in pigmenting and dyeing operations.
  • Oil Well Drilling Muds: Deflocculants are required in oil well drilling muds to maintain high specific gravity at the low viscosity necessary for easy pumping. SHMP is an excellent deflocculant and offers superior cost-performance in wells with depths down to 5,000 feet.
  • Kaolin Clay Processing: SHMP is effective as a deflocculant in the preparation of high solids slurries with sufficient fluidity to allow rapid settling of coarse impurities. Another advantage occurs in the final bleaching of the clay with sulfuric acid. With SHMP’s neutral pH, a minimal amount of sulfuric acid is required to lower the pH to 3.5, which is required for effective bleaching.
  • Potable Water Treatment: Due to the sequestration and threshold properties of SHMP, it is commonly added to potable water to aid in corrosion control and antiscaling of distribution equipment and lines.


Physical Form
Soluble In
White or clear granular
Soluble in
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Average Molecular Weight1390--
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Assay (as P₂O₅)66.5 - 68.0%-
pH (at 1% Solution)6.7 - 7.2--
Loss on Ignitionmax. 1%-
Insoluble Substancesmax. 0.1%-
Sizing (USSS, Through 8 mesh)min. 98%-
Sizing (USSS, Through 20 mesh)min. 50%-
Sizing (USSS, Through 100 mesh)max. 25%-

Regulatory & Compliance

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Packaging Information
  • 50 lb. multiwall bags
  • 2400 lb. super sacks

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
24 months