ICL Group Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate Anhydrous (TKPP) TG

ICL Group Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate Anhydrous (TKPP) TG is in granular form and serves as a detergent with high detergency and sequestering properties. It acts as a solubilizer and builder in liquid detergents, hard surface cleaners, and other liquid cleaning products for both home care and industrial applications.

Chemical Name: Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate

CAS Number: 7320-34-5

Chemical Family: Phosphates, Potassium Salts

Grade: Technical Grade

Applicable Processes: Cement Manufacturing, Electroplating, Slurry Deflocculation, Water Treatment

Synonyms: E450(v) , Potassium Pyrophosphate, Potassium Pyrophosphate Tetrabasic, Tetrapotassium Diphosphate

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Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

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Key Properties
  • Sequestration: The phenomenon of binding metal ions in soluble complexes, thereby preventing the formation of undesirable precipitates or the occurrence of other detrimental side reactions. For example, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate will combine with calcium and magnesium ions to form soluble but undissociated complexes, which remain in solution in the presence of precipitating anions.
  • Deflocculation: The process by which aggregates of particles are broken up into individual particles that are then dispersed throughout the solution such as the dispersion of clay mixtures in paper coating, drilling muds in oil well operations, slurries in cement manufacture, household solids in water, etc. TKPP has superior deflocculant properties when used in latex paint systems.
  • Solubility: The high solubility of TKPP makes it a preferred builder for use in a variety of liquid laundry detergents, carpet shampoos, car wash formulations and a wide variety of hard-surface cleaners.
  • Detergency: The capability of removing soil from the surface to which it is adhering. TKPP is especially effective in home and hard surface liquid cleaners because of its high solubility, outstanding water softening properties, emulsifying, dispersing and deflocculating properties..

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
White granular
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molecular Weight330.34--
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Assay (as K₄P₂O₇)min. 950%-
Orthophosphatemax. 30%-
pH (at 1% Solution, at 25°C)10.2 - 10.7--

Regulatory & Compliance

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Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
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Packaging Information
  • 50 lb. multiwall bags; 2000 lb
  • Super sacks

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
12 months