Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB

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Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB is a PEG-free, nonionic fragrance solubilizer derived from 100% biobased raw materials. It efficiently solubilizes fragrances and oils in water-based systems, compatible with various surfactants and stable in high electrolyte conditions. Certified by the Safer Choice Program and derived from sustainable palm oil, it meets stringent environmental standards and is suitable for use in a wide range of formulations.

INCI Name: Sorbitan Oleate Decylglucoside Crosspolymer

Labeling Claims: 1,4-Dioxane-free, Alcohol-free, Bio-based, Ethoxylates-free, Naturally Derived, Non-Irritant, Organic, PEG-free, Paraben-free, Soap-free

Certifications & Compliance: ECOCERT, NSF Approved, Organic Certified, REACH Exempt (Europe), RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, USDA BioPreferred

Technical Data Sheet

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Cleaning Ingredients Functions
Cosmetic Ingredients Functions
Chemical Structure

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Features & Benefits

Applications & Uses

Application Format
AP/Deo Applications
Bath & Shower Applications
Fragrances & Perfume Applications
Hair Care Applications
Home Care Applications
Use Level
2 - 8% (rinse off products), 1 - 3% (in leave on products)


Physical Form
Clear liquid (at 25°C)
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
pH, (10% aqueous)7.0--
Solids Content66.0%-
Sodium Chloride Content7.0%-
Colormax. 4Gardner BYK-
Hydrophilic Lipophilic Balance12 - 14--

Regulatory & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data


Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB, at 2 mg/L; values of 81.1%, 90.4%, 98.6% and 91.5% biodegradation was obtained on Days 7, 14, 21 and 28.

Eye & Skin Sensitivity Test

Eye Irritation

  • MatTek EpiOcular™: In vitroepidermal keratinocytes:
  • Results indicate ‘non-irritating’ classifi cation, 256+


  • Hen’s Egg Chorioallantoic Membrane Test 
  • Practically no ocular irritation, rated 2.25 Acute Skin Irritation 48 and 72 Hour Occlusive skin patch test on human volunteers - 53 Test Subjects
  • 53/53 showed no visible skin reaction
  • No potential for dermal irritation
Solubility Testing

Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB compares favorably in a variety of applications to both traditional ethoxylated solubilizers as well as other natural solubilizers. These graphs demonstrate the relative effi cacy of Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB when compared to other selected solubilizers. Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB provides excellent effi ciency when used either as a premix or when post-added to systems containing a wide range of essential oils.


 - 1  - 2


Premixes of oil and solubilizer were added to DI water and mixed at 40°C for 5-10 minutes until a clear mixture was obtained. In all tests, there was 1% essential oil in the system


 - 3  - 4


Post-Adds: 1 gram oil in 99 grams water, heated to 40°C. Solubilizer titrated in 0.5% increments with 5 minute mix time between increments until clear mixture obtained.

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Information

Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB is shipped in poly drums (net weight 450 lb/204 kg).

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
24 months
Storage & Shelf Life Information

It is recommended that Poly Suga®Mulse D9 MB be stored in sealed containers at temperatures not exceeding 120°F (49°C). Typical shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture.