Ethomeen® T/25 is a liquid tallow amine ethoxylate featuring multiple functions in cleaning and industrial applications. It acts as a corrosion inhibitor, cleanser, degreaser, dispersing agent, emulsifier, and wetting agent. Known for its stability in alkaline environments, it is utilized in automotive polishes, liquid laundry detergents, metal cleaners, and oilfield applications.

Chemical Name: Tallowamine Ethoxylate

CAS Number: 61791-26-2

Chemical Family: Alkyl Amines, Ethoxylated Amines

Certifications & Compliance: Clean Air Act (CAA) Certified, Clean Water Act (CWA) Certified, REACH (Europe)

Applicable Processes: Oilfield Applications

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Physical Form
Soluble In
Soluble in
Water, Methanol, Isopropyl alcohol, Butyl diglycol
Partially Soluble in
Vegetable oil
Insoluble in
Alifatic solvent, Aromatic solvent, Diesel
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Active Content100%-
Water Content1%-
pH (at 1% in Water)9 - 11--
Carboxymethyl Cellulose0.03g/l-
Surface Tension (at 0.1% Solution)39mN/m²-
Contact Angle71degree-
Wetting Power (at 1g/l)min. 10minutesDraves Wetting Test
HLB Value14-McGowan
Pour Point5°C-
Viscosity (at 20°C)300mPa·s-
Flash Pointmin. 100°C-
Foam Height (at 50°C, 0.05%, 0 Minute)55mmRoss-Miles
Foam Height (at 50°C, 0.05%, 5 Minutes)15mmRoss-Miles

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