Ethomeen® SV/12 is a liquid soyalkylamine ethoxylate, known for its oil solubility and various functional properties across different applications. It acts as an anti-static agent, cleansing agent, and corrosion inhibitor in cleaning formulations. In hair care applications, it is utilized in hair color products, hair sprays, and hair styling products, offering versatility in spray formats.

INCI Name: Soya Alkylamine Ethoxylate

Chemical Name: Soya Amine Ethoxylate

CAS Number: 73246-96-5

Chemical Family: Amine Ethoxylates, Fatty Alkyl Amines, Ethoxylated

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Physical Form
Soluble In
Dispersible in
5% Water
Soluble in
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Active Content99%-
Amine Number156 - 162mg KOH/g-
Equivalent Mass342 - 362--
Color0 - 6-Gardner

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