Celatom® CP2000 utilizes perlites, recognized for their lightweight nature, as a filter aid. This natural product is essential in applications such as dewatering, wastewater treatment, and chemical production, enhancing operational efficiency. CP2000 also plays a crucial role in improving filtration processes for juices and ensuring quality standards in beverage manufacturing.

Chemical Family: Perlites

Labeling Claims: Natural

Applicable Processes: Chemicals Production, Dewatering, Wastewater Treatment

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Physico-Chemical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Sieve Analysis (150 Mesh) ²16%Tyler
Median Particle Diameter48µm-
pH (at 10% Slurry)7--
Free Moisture (as H₂O)max. 0.5%-
Density (Wet Bulk)144g/l-
Density (Dry Bulk)88g/l-
Specific Gravity2.3--
Chemical Analysis
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Silicon Dioxide75.8%-
Aluminum Oxide13.1%-
Potassium Oxide4.4%-
Sodium Oxide4.1%-
Calcium Oxide1%-
Other Oxides0.9%-
Loss on Ignition0.8%-

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