Celatom® CP1400 utilizes perlites, prized for their lightweight characteristics, as an effective filter aid. This natural product is widely employed in various industrial applications such as dewatering, wastewater treatment, and chemical production, where it contributes to optimizing processes. Additionally, CP1400 enhances filtration efficiency in juices, supporting the production of high-quality beverages.

Chemical Family: Perlites

Labeling Claims: Natural

Applicable Processes: Chemicals Production, Dewatering, Wastewater Treatment

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Physico-Chemical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Brightness (Y)76--
Sieve Analysis (150 Mesh) ²12%Tyler
Median Particle Diameter37µm-
pH (at 10% Slurry)7--
Free Moisture (as H₂O)max. 0.5%-
Density (Wet Bulk)160g/l-
Density (Dry Bulk)88g/l-
Specific Gravity2.3--
Chemical Analysis
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Silicon Dioxide75.8%-
Aluminum Oxide13.1%-
Potassium Oxide4.4%-
Sodium Oxide4.1%-
Calcium Oxide1%-
Other Oxides0.9%-
Loss on Ignition0.8%-

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