Berryman Chemical Dipropylene Glycol

Berryman Chemical Dipropylene Glycol is a versatile and effective solvent, coupling agent, and chemical intermediate with applications in brake fluid formulations, cutting oils, textile lubricants, printing inks, coatings, industrial soaps, and agricultural and insecticidal formulations, offering benefits such as excellent solvency, low evaporation rate, and low toxicity.

Chemical Name: Dipropylene Glycol

CAS Number: 25265-71-8

Chemical Family: Alcohols, Diols

Labeling Claims: Low Toxicity

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Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
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Product Features
  • Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) is a co- product from the manufacture of monopropylene glycol. It is colorless, practically odorless, water soluble, medium viscosity hygroscopic liquid with low vapor pressure and low toxicity. DPG is utilized as a solvent, coupling agent and chemical intermediate in numerous industries, having a wide range of practical applications.
  • DPG’s excellent solvency for certain oils, low evaporation rate and low toxicity lend its use in brake fluid formulations, cuttings oils, textile lubricants, printing inks, coatings, industrial soaps and as a solvent for agricultural and insecticidal formulations.

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Soluble In
Clear, colorless, matter free
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molecular Weight134.2g/mol-
Distillation Range228 - 236°C-
Vapor Pressure0.016mm Hg-
Freeze PointSuper cools--
Pour Point-39.0°C-
Density (at 25°C)1.022g/cm³-
Density (at 60°C)0.998g/cm³-
Refractive Index (at 20°C)1.439 - 1.442--
Viscosity (at 25°C)75cPs-
Viscosity (at 60°C)10.9cPs-
Specific Heat (at 0.52 Btu/lb/°F)2.18J/(g°K)-
Surface Tension35dynes/cm-
Flash Point124°CClosed Cup
Thermal Conductivity (at 0.09661 Btu/hr ft°F)0.1672W/(m°K)-
Electrical Conductivitymax. 6µS/m-
Heat of Formation-628kJ/mol-
Heat of Vaporization (257 Btu/lb/°F)45.4kJ/mol-
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Dipropylene Glycolmin. 99wt%-
Acidity (as Acetic Acid)max. 0.0050wt%-
Chloride Contentmax. 5ppm-
Colormax. 10-Pt-Co
Residue on Ignitionmax. 0.0050wt%-
Water Contentmax. 0.100wt%-

Packaging & Availability

Storage & Handling

Storage Information

DPG is stable for at least one year when stored at ambient temperatures in closed containers and away from sunlight and other sources of UV light. Where product heating is utilized (bulk storage and/or transport containers) the product temperature should be controlled to prevent unintentional overheating over extended periods as this may potentially lead to accelerated oxidative degradation of the product. As a general guide do not heating above 40°C.