Petro® AG Special Liquid

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Petro AG Special Liquid surfactants are surface-active hydrotropes known for their wetting, foaming, detergency, and surface tension reduction properties. They are characterized by excellent rinseability, stability in both acidic and alkaline environments, tolerance to hard water, and stability at high temperatures. These versatile surfactants find application in various uses such as carpet cleaners, transportation cleaners, rinse aids, metal cleaners, rust removers, and hard surface cleaners. Additionally, they function as anticaking and dispersing agents.

Chemical Name: Sodium Alkyl Naphthalene Sulfonate

Chemical Family: Naphthalene Sulfonates

Certifications & Compliance: Clean Air Act (CAA) Certified, Clean Water Act (CWA) Certified

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Physical Form
Clear amber liquid (at 25°C)
Soluble in
5% Water
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Active Content49.8 - 50.2%-
Salt Contentmax. 1.25%-
Specific Gravity1.19 - 1.21--
Unsulfonated Oilmax. 0.7%-
Surface Tension (at 25°C, 0.1% Solution)34mN/mDu Noüy (DIN 53914)
Wetting Power (at 25°C, 0.1% Solution)20 - 30secondsDraves Wetting Test
Foam Height (at 25°C, 0.25% Active)106mmRoss-Miles
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Moisture Content47.5 - 49%-
pH (at 5% Solids)7.5 - 10.0--

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