Cola®Cor IT is an excellent corrosion inhibitor with low foaming properties, suitable for metalworking fluids, rolling emulsions, water-based hydraulic fluids, and metal cleaners. It readily dissolves in glycols, water, and alkanolamines but remains insoluble in hydrocarbons. Cola®Cor IT demonstrates good stability in hard water, and typical applications do not necessitate an additional defoamer.

Chemical Family: Alkanolamines

Labeling Claims: 1,4-Dioxane-free, Biodegradable, Boron-free, DEA-free, Non-Irritant, Secondary amines-free

Certifications & Compliance: Prop 65 Compliant

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims
Fluids & Lubricants Features
HII Features
Product Benefits
  • Excellent corrosion protection of multiple metal surfaces
  • Low-foaming
  • Wrought iron protection
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Boron free, DEA free, Prop 65 compliant
  • Non-irritant to skin and eyes
  • Pre-neutralized
  • Reduces copper and cobalt leaching
  • Free of secondary amines
  • Suitable for longer life cycle fluids
  • Hard-water stable
  • Free of GHS hazard labelling
  • Higher molecular efficiency for corrosion protection than dibasic carboxylic acid
  • Synergy with other corrosion inhibitors

Applications & Uses

Fluids & Lubricants Type
Fluids & Lubricants End Use
Home Care Applications
I&I Cleaning Applications
Product Applications
  • Metalworking fluids (emulsions, semi- synthetic, synthetic)
  • Rolling emulsions
  • Light stamping
  • Mild alkaline metal cleaner
  • Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (HFAE, HFAS)
  • Polymer quenchants
  • Anywhere corrosion inhibitors are needed
  • Multi-metal - useful on magnesium, steel, and aluminum


Physical Form
Clear liquid (at 25°C)
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Colormax. 6.0-Gardner BYK
Alkali Value66.0 - 74.0--
Acid Value173.0 - 203.0--
Moisture Content15.0 - 18.0%-

Regulatory & Compliance

Certifications & Compliance
Chemical Inventories

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Supplied by
Packaging Information

Shipped in 55 gallon poly drums (net weight 450 lb/204.1 kg).

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
24 months
Storage and Shelf Life

Cola®Cor IT should be stored in closed containers. Typical shelf life is 24 months from date of manufacture.