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Extraction: Eka® HP and Eka® SC can improve extraction/ leaching efficiency by changing the valence state of an element or being a source of oxygen. Examples of applications:

  • Uranium leaching and precipitation (Eka® HP and Eka® SC)
  • Cyanide leaching of gold ore (Eka® HP)
  • Avoidance of co-extracting cobalt and nickel from cobalt-nickel ore (Eka® HP)
  • Substitution of nitric acid in aqua-regia-leaching (Eka® SC)
  • Recycling of spent Li-ion batteries (Eka® HP)
  • Extraction of copper from waste electrical and electronic equipment, WEEE (Eka® HP)
  • Recovery of palladium from spent catalysts (Eka® HP and Eka® SC)
  • Recovery of selenium and tellurium from electrorefining sludge (Eka® HP)

Metal finishing & surface treatment: Eka® HP and Eka® SC can be used for surface treatments in the metal industry and are used for etching, polishing, and cleaning. Examples of applications:

  • Removal of oxides from copper and copper alloys (Eka® HP)
  • Promoting phosphating (Eka® SC)
  • Reduces NOx formation in conventional pickling of stainless steel (Eka® HP)
  • Nitric acid (NOx)-free pickling of stainless steel (Eka® HP)
  • Regeneration of waste etchant when etching printed circuit boards, PCB (Eka® HP and Eka® SC) 


Refining: Eka® HP and Eka® SC can improve the purity of various species, often by changing the valence state of an element. Examples of applications: •

  • Purification of gold and silver (Eka® HP and Eka® SC)
  • Separation of rare earth elements, REEs, from various sources (Eka® HP and Eka® SC)
  • Purification of nickel and dissolution of nickel metal (Eka® HP)
  • Purification and functionalization of graphite (Eka® HP) 


Waste management: Eka® HP is a “pure chemical” that is suitable to use in environmental applications; the decomposition only forms two products – oxygen and water. Eka® HP can be used as is or in an advanced oxidation process, for example Nouryon’s MicrOx™ hydrogen peroxide in combination with the Advanox™ ultraviolet reactors from Van Remmen UV Technology. Examples of applications: •

  • Cyanide detoxification (Eka® HP) •
  • Removal of organic material, arsenic, and lead from effluent (Eka® HP) •
  • Degradation of flotation chemicals (MicrOx™) •
  • Prevent formation and/or removal of sulfide (Eka® HP) •
  • Removal of iron in acid mine drainage (Eka® HP) •
  • Scrubbing NOx, SOx, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, aldehydes, odors etc. from off gases (Eka® HP)