Morwet® D-425 Powder

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Morwet D-425 Powder is an anionic naphthalene sulfonate condensate (NSC), specifically designed as a primary dispersant. It serves as an industry benchmark, enabling short milling times and reducing viscosity in premix formulations. Additionally, it provides electrostatic stabilization, enhancing formulation stability against temperature variations.

Physical Form: Powder

Features: Dispersing, Electrolytic Stability, Low Viscosity, Temperature Stability

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Identification & Functionality

Features & Benefits

Agrochemicals Features
Product Features
  • Anionic naphthalene sulphonate condensates used as primary dispersant.
  • Benchmark to achieve short milling time and low viscosity premix.
  • Brings electrostatic stabilization and makes the formulation stable towards temperature changes.
  • Generally Morwet D-425 can be used to formulate water based suspensions (SC).
  • At 2-3% w/w for a 480 g/l SC and 3-5% w/w for a 720 g/l SC, Morwet D-425 will act as wetting and dispersing agent as well as milling aid.
  • Morwet D-425 is known to provide good formulation stability.
  • It significantly reduces crystal growth during storage.
  • Morwet D-425 is an excellent dispersant for a wide variety of active ingredients and the product ensures good dispersibility in both soft and hard water.
  • Combining the wetting properties of Morwet EFW with the dispersing characteristics of Morwet D-425 is generally the best option.
  • In WP formulations it is recommended to use 1-2% of Morwet EFW and 2-3% of Morwet D-425.
  • For WDG applications the required concentrations will be slightly higher: 2-3% of Morwet EFW and 3-5% of Morwet D-425.


Physical Form
Soluble In
Soluble in
Insoluble in
Vegetable oil
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Foam Height (at 25°C, initial, 0.05% in Standard Water D)40mmRoss-Miles
Foam Height (at 25°C, after 5 min, 0.05% in Standard Water D)30mmRoss-Miles
Foam Height (at 25°C, initial, 0.05% in de-ionised water)70mmRoss-Miles
Foam Height (at 25°C, after 5 min, 0.05% in de-ionised water)25mmRoss-Miles
Surface Tension (at 25°C, 0.1% Solution)60mN/mDu Noüy (DIN 53914)
Wetting Power (at 25°C, 0.1% Solution)min. 5minutesDraves Wetting Test
Carboxymethyl Cellulosemin. 25g/l-
Contact Angle85--
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Anionic Active Contentmin. 87%-
Moisture Contentmax. 4%-
pH (at 5% in Water)7.5 - 10--
Salt Content7 - 10%-

Packaging & Availability

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Storage & Handling

Storage Information
  • The plant claims 3 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Powders should be protected from moisture, but no temperature requirement since we are dealing with powders.