Celatom® MW-25, derived from diatomaceous earth, functions as a versatile material serving as a carrier, extender, filler, flattener, texturing agent, and anti-blocking agent. It features attributes such as chipping resistance, cost-effectiveness, fast drying, good brightness, gloss control, wettability, adhesion improvement, blistering resistance, mar resistance, sheen control, suspension stability, viscosity stability, anti-cracking properties, dimensional stability, excellent color, dispersibility, heat dissipation, mold release, non-yellowing properties, heat resistance, consistency, low density, viscosity, and oil resistance. This product provides odor-free, durable, non-explosive, and non-flammable benefits and is used in automotive components, electrical and electronic applications.

Chemical Family: Diatomaceous Earth

Labeling Claims: Durable, Non-Flammable, Non-explosive, Odor-free

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Physical Form
Physico-Chemical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Brightness (Y)90--
Sieve Analysis (325 Mesh (> 44 microns))0.1%Tyler
Median Particle Diameter12.6µm-
pH (at 10% Slurry)10--
Free Moisture (as H₂O)max. 0.5%-
Density (Wet Bulk)400g/l-
Density (Dry Bulk)210g/l-
Oil Absorption120lbs/100lbsGardner Coleman
Specific Gravity2.33--
Refractive Index1.46--
Chemical Analysis
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Silicon Dioxide89.5%-
Aluminum Oxide4.1%-
Iron(III) Oxide1.5%-
Calcium Oxide0.6%-
Magnesium Oxide0.3%-
Other Oxides4%-

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