Calfoam® ES-302 is a 27% active solution of sodium lauryl ether sulfate that contains an average of 2 moles of ethylene oxide. Calfoam® ES-302 is an anionic surfactant of choice for personal care and HI&I applications.

INCI Name: Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Chemical Name: Sodium Laureth Sulfate

CAS Number: 68891-38-3

Chemical Family: Sulfates

Synonyms: Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), α-sulfo-ω-hydroxy-, C12-14-alkyl ethers, sodium salts

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    Enhanced TDS

    Identification & Functionality

    Chemical Family
    Agrochemical Functions
    Cleaning Ingredients Functions
    Cosmetic Ingredients Functions

    Features & Benefits

    Product Benefits
    • Calfoam® ES-302 is a high purity, low salt, and low color sodium laureth sulfate that offers excellent flash foaming, foam stability, air entrainment, detergency, and mildness. Calfoam® ES-302 does not contain a diluent alcohol, important for formulas that require the absence of a solvent.
    • Calfoam® ES-302 is on the List of Trade Names of Inert Ingredients Database. Calfoam® ES-302 is approved for use as an inert ingredient in pesticide formulations for non-food applications only.

    Applications & Uses

    Application Format
    Bath & Shower Applications
    Hair Care Applications
    Home Care Applications
    I&I Cleaning Applications
    Skin Care Applications
    Product Applications

    Calfoam® ES-302 is an anionic surfactant that provides luxurious, mild, and copious foam that is gentle to the skin and is perfect for personal care and HI&I formulations. Calfoam® ES-302 is a great flash foamer, creates very dense foam and performs well under a range of conditions in formulations when used alone or in combination with other surfactants. Calfoam® ES-302 has a high tolerance for pH increases and is relatively unaffected by changing water hardness, which enables many industrial cleaner formulations to benefit from using this surfactant. Calfoam® ES-302 is perfect for bubble bath, shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser, liquid hand cleaner, fabric care, hand dish wash, and car care products.


    Physical Form
    Clear colorless to yellow liquid (at 25°C)
    Typical Properties
    ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
    Active Content27.0wt %-
    Unsulfonated Materialmax. 1.5wt %-
    Sodium Sulfate Contentmax. 1.0wt %-
    Sodium Chloride Contentmax. 0.3wt %-
    pH (10% Solution)7.5 - 8.5--
    Viscosity (at 25°C)max. 150cPs-
    Foam Height (at 25°C, 1% active, 5 Minutes)145.0mm-
    Foam Height (at 25°C, 1% active, Initial)149.0mm-
    Freeze Point28.9°F-

    Regulatory & Compliance

    Packaging & Availability

    Packaging Information

    Calfoam® ES-302 is available in 480 lb. poly. drums, 2300 lb. poly. totes, and bulk quantities.

    Storage & Handling

    Storage and Handling Information

    Store in a plastic or plastic lined steel, tightly closed container. Do not store with oxidizing agents. 1,4-Dioxane levels may change as a result of time, temperature, pH and other product ingredients. Do not store product above ambient temperature (~65-78°F or ~18-26°C). Storage of product above ambient temperature can generate, affect or increase 1,4-Dioxane levels in the product. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and observe good industrial hygiene practices. Material is slippery on wet and hard surfaces.