Aquatreat AR-540 is a copolymer consisting of acrylic acid and sulfonated monomers, designed to offer multifunctional performance in industrial applications. It functions effectively as a scale inhibitor and cement retarder, contributing to reduced deposition and excellent scale/deposit control. This makes Aquatreat AR-540 suitable for applications where preventing scale formation and controlling deposits are critical.

Functions: Cement Retarder, Scale Inhibitor

Features: Reduced Deposition, Scale Inhibiting

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Clear amber color liquid (at 25°C)
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Intrinsic Viscosity (at 25°C, 0.2N NaCl, pH 7 - 9)0.13 - 0.19dl/g-
pH4 - 4.5--
Solid Content43 - 45%-

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